About Pocket FM

In a world where audio content is gaining immense traction, Pocket FM emerges as a pioneering platform that is reshaping the audio entertainment landscape with audio series, a category created, nurtured and owned by Pocket FM. Founded in 2018 by the visionary trio - Rohan Nayak, Nishanth KS, and Prateek Dixit - Pocket FM has quickly ascended to a Series C stage company, becoming a driving force in the realm of audio storytelling.

At the heart of Pocket FM's mission lies the ambition to enrich the lives of millions of listeners across the globe. This is achieved through a diverse range of engaging audio series that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries, sparking imaginations and fostering a shared love for storytelling. From heart-racing thrillers to heartwarming romances, spine-chilling horror, to thought-provoking drama, the platform offers an eclectic array of narratives, ensuring that there's always something for everyone.

What sets Pocket FM apart is its ingenious approach to delivering entertainment. Pocket FM has seamlessly integrated audio series into daily routines. Be it commuting, cooking, or winding down or destressing at workplace, listeners can immerse themselves in gripping narratives that accompany their every endeavour.

Boasting a staggering library of over 100,000 hours of content, Pocket FM provides an inexhaustible source of entertainment. The platform has garnered a dedicated following, with listeners spending an average of 110 minutes each day engrossed in the compelling stories it offers. Pocket FM thrives on its vibrant creator community, composed of skilled storytellers, talented voice-over artists, and imaginative writers. This collaborative environment ensures that narratives come to life with authenticity and depth, offering listeners an immersive experience like no other.

The platform's impressive journey has been fueled by substantial investments totalling US$109.5 million from prominent backers. Notable investors, including Lightspeed, Times Internet, Tanglin Venture Partners, Goodwater Capital, Naver, and Silicon Valley Bank, have recognised the potential of Pocket FM's disruptive approach to entertainment.