Detective Vikrant

Author: Yashraj

Narrator: Rishi Arts


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143 hrs 22 mins



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Where there's fear, there's insecurity and need for a savior. The last few nights have been troublesome for the city's residents- Waking up to severed hands which no one had answers to. Here comes Detective Vikrant to the rescue! Find out how Vikrant unfolds the mystery in this city of horror.

Show Team ; Mithilesh , Hardik
Disclaimer - This show may contain expletives, strong language, and mature content for adult listeners, including sexually explicit content and themes of violence. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, businesses, places or events is coincidental. This show is not intended to offend or defame any individual, entity, caste, community, race, religion or to denigrate any institution or person, living or dead. Listener's discretion is advised.


Swastik Pattnayak  2yr ago
100 Books, 401 Followers
Star YellowStar YellowStar YellowStar YellowStar Yellow
this story amazing, it is real trailer , action and dectative. vikrant is super cops and invisible power give the gadget and tools it is solved the case. it solve 17 case 1- rape case 2- hand cutting case 3- Ramesh savarkar murder case 4-kidnaping and murder case 5- bank robbery and muder case 6-manju muder case 7-maqbara and muder case 8- vikrant solve his village case 9-tv actors muder case 10-farmaship muder case 11-female head muder case 12-tamil star muder case 13-newziland tour 14- varkala beach 15-light house muder cay 16 - serial muder case 17- gaziabad muder case a Don turn in to successfully dectative vikrant saxena Happy ending for vikrant, Naina and other characters in story
Badal Kumar  2yr ago
23 Books, 121 Followers
Star YellowStar YellowStar YellowStar YellowStar Grey
#show #best ye story achhi h isme jo bate ki ja rhi h uspe to mujhe bharosa nhi ho rha h ki koi dusre aadami ki aatma kisi dusre aadami ke body mei ja sakti h 🧐 bt ye imegenation h becoz esa hona kahi se v possible hi nhi h bt story mast ...& inki voice v bt number zero ka dusra season kb aayega yaar m us story ko bhot miss karta hu us story mei ek alag hi maza tha . mujhe woh story bhot pasand aayi ki mei use 100 se adhik bar sun chuka hu 🥴😭😭😭

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